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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hey guys, welcome to Campaign Flow. Now, you know it’s getting serious if I’m standing up and if I’ve got my board out, you should know now that I mean business. This is a lot of fun, I really enjoy the campaign stuff, so I do have visual aids that go along with it. I hope that you get lot out of this, because when you meet somebody, there is a framework for how you interact with that person so that you get the results out of that relationship that you’re looking for. There is a structure, it’s the Campaign Flow.

In this video, I’m just going to give you an overall, high-level view of what the Campaign Flow looks like, and then the subsequent videos we’re going to break down each part of this, so that you understand how to maneuver each part.

Let’s just imagine for a second, you and I meet at an open house. It’s the first time that you’ve met me. There’s going to be a process now that you put me through to get me to go from just being Joe Blow at your open house to Joe Blow your client. And, not just a client, but a client with whom you have a closing. There is a difference, and we’re going to talk about all of that in this section and a little bit in this video.

In the Campaign Flow, the first thing that has to happen: You meet me at that open house, you’re going to collect my information. There are a few things that you’re going to collect, I’m going to break this down for you again, but the first thing is going to be to collect information. If you can do this, this is basically farming. Whatever your farm is, there is a section on farming in [inaudible 00:01:40], but whatever your farm is, the goal is to collect information and move that person to a meeting. No matter how you’re farming, this situation that I’ve given you is that we’ve met at an open house, and we’ve already skipped forward. That’s a way to farm data, is to open house. Now you’re going to collect information. That’s step one.

The second step is to categorize. I know that there are a lot of agents out there that will have As, Bs, Cs, D clients, silver, gold, platinum clients. As a new agent, I do not want you to do that. The reason that they’re able to do that, number one: they’re either saying they’re doing it and they’re not doing a good job of it, or they have a team of people helping them do that. Don’t feel like you hear somebody say that, don’t compare the [inaudible 00:02:27] of your business to the front end of somebody else’s. If you hear somebody say that, just take it with a grain of salt. “Okay, that’s interesting,” but what I want you to do is to just categorize as a buyer or a seller. It’s only those two categories that you have right now. As you grow your business, as you get more experienced, you get more help, you might have multiple categories. But to start, buyer and seller. That’s step two.

The third step is you’re going to convert them. We’re going to talk about these conversion campaigns coming up. But basically, I go from Joe Blow to my client Joe Blow, I’m going to teach you how to do that.

In the fourth step is to nurture that client, and you do that forever.

This, my friend, is the framework for when you meet somebody, the steps that you go through with that person to get them where you want to get them, which is eventually to a closing. And repeat closings, that’s where the nurture comes in. This is campaign flow, I’m going to now, in the other videos you’re going to watch, I’m going to break down each of these and what I mean by each of these, so that you can go through this in a way… at the highest possible level to start your career. This organization is going to make you money. This is a money making module. If you do this, and you do this well, you do this right, you will not regret it. Learn these frameworks now, so you’re not that agent I talked to who’s been doing this for 30 years and they’re still chasing the next lead. You want to nurture your database, you want to go through these processes. If you’ll just learn this now, I promise this is worth your time. Go through this, learn this process now and you’re going to be so much better off.

That’s the Campaign Flow. Do you like my Vanna moves? Do you like this? I hope so, Because you’ve got another video coming up with more Vanna. See you there.

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