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Lead Generation: The Main Question

Agents ask all the time: “How much lead generating should I do?” Well, the question is really: “How much money to you want to make?” Once we know that, we can look at the research to see what we need to do to get there.

There are a couple of ways to look at this: 1) are you going to build your business based on people you already have in your existing database (assuming that you have met them and have a relationship), or 2) are you building your business based on cold leads?

Either way, you have to work, and I would encourage you to make your business part of your everyday conversations with the people that you know. It’s not annoying; it’s just you talking about what you do.

The Activities Calculator

To make it easy for you to figure out the amount of lead generating you need to do, I’ve created a calculator for you on my website.

Use the Activities Calculator here: https://theagentschool.com/activities-calculator/

How do you work those leads? What do you say? How do you drive them to a transaction? All of those questions and more are answered in our RAMP UP (Rapid Agent Marketing Plan for Ultimate Productivity) online learning program. Be sure to check it out and get yourself into action!

A simple disclaimer: your results will vary. This formula is based on 1 in 6 of your “mets” converting and 1/50 of your cold leads. There are many variables that will impact this formula for you, but this gives you a place to start!

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