what makes
us special

We’re a company built by and for real estate
agents. Since 2007, we have given thousands of
agents the education to move their businesses
forward. Based on research and experience, not
ego, our courses give you the tools you need to
live a happy, healthy and wealthy life as a
real estate professional.

Engaged Learning

online and offline learning

Online learning is great! But it’s only one way of delivering content, and everyone learns best in different ways. That’s why we use multiple mediums to deliver our content – both online and off.

gamification of the process

We think it’s important to incentivize the learning process. That’s why we’ve gamified our school. Agents can earn points for their activities and redeem them in our online shop.

we understand agents

action plans based on personality assessments

Not all courses of action are well-suited for all people. We believe that the best course of the action is the one that you’ll actually do— and even enjoy. That’s why we use personality assessments so you can determine what activities match your personal style.

course lessons that are short and value-packed

We know that time is money. That’s why we are committed to creating no-fluff lessons that are as short and value-packed as possible to easily fit into your busy schedule. We don’t subscribe to the idea that more content is better. The best content is the content that will make the biggest difference for your life and business, so that’s what we give you.

what are our teaching principles?

Our mission is to provide real estate professionals with a world-class training experience. Here are the key ideas that we believe make that possible.


There is more than one way to build a successful real estate business. We believe that every agent should honor their skills, their talents, their values and build a business around them. There is no one-size-fits all in this business – we believe in helping agents discover their own way.


Professional training should have targeted outcomes. We love learning for learning, but The Agent School is professional development and professional development should have professional outcomes.


Accountability is a critical part of progress in anything you do. Our courses build in accountability with yourself and your peers. Agents are encouraged to create accountability with other agents and are taught how to make the most of those relationships.


We believe people enter the real estate industry for the freedom that it offers. We know that fear is the opposite of freedom. We motivate and encourage agents to move fearlessly, to remember why they got into the business. To fall in love with the outcomes that this business offers them. W teach agents that when they sense fear coming on, to remember freedom they seek and the people that need them to succeed.


People learn in different ways. Some prefer online videos and some enjoy social learning, while others prefer personal interaction. We understand that and seek to offer a holistic approach to your continuing education.


We believe that the greatest influence on your life’s experience is your mindset. Our courses begin by setting your intention and getting your mind in a place to listen and absorb material. Our hope is that you take that practice into your business for levels of success you’ve never experienced.