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Today in our coaching conversations I want to talk to you about Mega Camp! If you have agents coming to Mega Camp this year, you know how incredibly motivational and exciting this week can be. And you probably also know about all the distractions that it could possibly bring up in your agent’s business. It’s a good idea to have a preemptive conversation with your agents and set up healthy good expectations prior to them leaving for Mega Camp that you can follow up with afterwards.

Our action item for this week is to have your agents make a list of all the ingenious ideas, all of those amazing things that they want to implement in their business. You want them to take all those great ideas from Mega Camp and write them down so that you can review them. You want to be a part of them adding new things to their playbook. I will explain about what that conversation looks like prior to Mega Camp and then how to go through that vetting exercise after they return. I’ll also want to give you some fun tips and some things to do while you’re here in Austin to make the most out of your week.

First, let’s talk about the conversation you want to have with your agents prior to them going to Mega Camp. I want to add that this isn’t just exclusive to Mega Camp, but it would be any conference or event like this that business forward.

We want to remember and we want to impart to our agents that these events are supposed to be inspirational, not instructional. It can be very easy to get caught up in all of the new cool, fun things. We know our agents are always looking for the newest, best, most cutting edge thing that they can add to their business- BUT it can often be a big distraction if all they’re doing is implementing new things, new things, new things, and not seeing how each of these things really fit in with the overall game plan that you’ve already created. Set them up for success by letting them know to go get motivated, go get excited, go get inspired, but don’t feel like you have to change your business based on whatever the speakers of the conference discuss. We’re definitely wanting to add to the plan, not replace. Right?!

Coaching Tip: This could be a really great group coaching exercise for you to do some socialized learning and get multiple people’s feedback especially with so many breakout sessions to choose from, there is going to be some information they missed.

Another reminder for your agents is to let them know that it’s very easy to compare yourselves to other agents at conferences. They’re probably familiar with doing that a little bit with other agents in your market center, but now walking into a convention center with thousands of agents from all over the country, and seeing the success of other people sometimes can be a little hard for especially newer agents. When they get in that comparison mindset it may be a little demoralizing to them and lead to self-doubt. Make sure that those agents know that the people on stage have been in business for years and have teams surrounding them, insuring their success.

They shouldn’t assume that because somebody else in another market has done XYZ and their business has exploded, that all you need to do is XYZ, and then your business will explode too. It’s not a direct comparison and everybody’s journey is very different. Encourage them to go absorb and take notes on those tips and tricks but be careful of falling into a comparing mindset because you’re stacking yourself up to others in a negative way.

The last thing that I want to encourage you to talk to your agents about before they go to Mega Camp is networking. This is a really great place for your agents to meet other agents in other markets to perhaps create referral channels for people in those areas. You just never know when you’re going to come across a client that’s moving out of your city and you need a partner to refer them to. This is the place to make those connections and it’s reassuring to be connecting with other like minded professionals that are investing in their business too. You know at least to some degree that they are bought in to serving their clients to the highest standard just like you.

Through the Ramp Up program at The Agent School. We encourage our students to find accountability partners outside of their market center so they can bounce ideas off each other in a less competitive way but still also being able to see ideas that have worked and someone else’s track record of success before implementing them in your own business. It’s a great way to do some role playing and listing presentation practice as well. Having the benefit of somebody else in your business without being in direct competition, I think, is so big and those relationships start at places like Mega Camp.

If you are attending Mega Camp with your agents, there’s lots of fun stuff that you can get into while you’re here. You will be in downtown Austin. The Agent School is in downtown Austin, so I feel like we are the authority on everything that you should be doing.

I want to recommend a couple things, first: TACOS. Whether it’s breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, dinner tacos, late night tacos: you should have a taco while you’re in Austin. There are lots of places downtown that you can grab those from that are walking distance from the convention center. One of my personal favs is Taco Deli!

There are also a couple sightseeing places that you can get to easily from the convention center. The Texas State Capital is in walking distance and the grounds are beautiful with some public access spaces inside that have air conditioning.

Caution: Definitely something to consider if you’re walking around in Austin, outside: you will need to stay hydrated because it’s warm here!

Another thing to check out while you’re here that is very unique is a visit to our bat colony. We have the largest North American population of bats here in Austin and they all live under South Congress bridge. In the summer evenings you can walk down to South Congress and see the bats fly out from under the bridge every night. It really is magnificent to see hundreds of thousands of bats fly out and not quite as scary as that sounds! It’s a really cool site to see on your way to dinner or to have a margarita. The other thing that you must to do while you’re here is have a margarita! You can get one almost anywhere it’s kind of the drink of Austin. So definitely enjoy that after a long conference day.

When you’re here, transportation wise, we have Uber and Lyft and taxis. So public transportation is pretty easy with those three, but just a note we don’t do trains, subways, or rail cars very well, so stick to rideshare! You might see another emerging trend on the streets of downtown Austin: the scooter. You can rent those through an app on your phone. There are Lime scooters and Bird scooters and you rent them by the mile and time-it’s a really fun concept of quick transportation downtown. I will warn you that we send about 10 people to the hospital a day from scooter injuries! Please be very careful when you’re on scooters!

Finally after Mega Camp is over and everybody goes back home- they’re excited, they have all of this motivation and they’re probably a little overwhelmed with the information that they’ve gathered. I think it’s our job as coaches is to bring them back down to reality and help them get back into the swing of things. They likely will need help to focus back on their business plan and remember where they need to be spending their time. We want to help them integrate some of those new ideas into their business, but not get distracted. I know that that’s a very fine line! For their next coaching session after Mega Camp, have your agents create a list of all of those magnificent ideas that they want to add to their business. You can run through those ideas with them to see what fits in with their business plan right now and what are some day items. Remind them: not everything that you learn is going to be something that you can implement in your business tomorrow. As their coach, you can help control the flow of new activities into your agent’s business by helping them vet those opportunities that they’ve uncovered at Mega Camp.

I hope these tips help you with your coaching program as it relates to Mega Camp and real estate conventions in general. Remember as the coach, it is your job to remind them to go get inspired, help them vet new opportunities and keep a healthy mindset through it all.

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