Agents new to Keller Williams follow our step-by-step agent launch process which guides them through everything they need to know to get their business up and running. We walk them through the basics like domain names and email, GPS and 4-1-1’s, DiSC based marketing plans, 8×8’s and 33-touches.

How would you like to improve…

Recruiting Appointment Conversions

Empower your agents with the tools they need to immediately get their business launched. You will look like a ROCKSTAR when you introduce them to an amazing tool that focuses on their success.

Agent Productivity

RAMP UP: Rapid Agent Marketing Plan for Ultimate Productivity — We will guide your agents to their first transaction at Keller Williams. We show your agents how to get into massive action quickly!


“Teach a man to fish…” – That’s what RAMP UP is all about. If they know how to help themselves and get into action – why would they ever leave your Market Center? We will get them focused on the right things at the right time – reinforcing their decision to join KW all along the way!

accountability reporting

Team leaders and productivity coaches love the accountability built into RAMP UP. Not only can you receive updates on the number of steps your agents have completed and the last time they logged into the program – but you also receive weekly progress reports completed by your agents.

We would be delighted to share more with you about RAMP UP. Feel free to take a look at the information on this page and when you’re ready, schedule a private demo of the program. We’ll show you how easy it is for a Market Center to administer the courses, as well as an overview of the agent learning experience Use the calendar below to schedule your private, in-person demo of the program. We encourage you to invite any decision makers or stakeholders involved in the adoption of the program to attend the demo.

What do your agents get from RAMP UP?

8-week roadmap

Agents will follow our step-by-step agent on-boarding process, which guides them through everything they need to know to get their business up and running. We walk them through the basics like domain names and email, GPS and 4-1-1’s, DiSC based marketing plans, 8×8’s and 33-touches.

KW models and systems

RAMP UP delivers the language, systems and models of Keller Williams. This comprehensive course will give your agents the foundation they need to realize their success in your Market Center.

supportive community

Get advice, feedback, motivation and support from an active community of fellow agents and experts who will keep you on track and motivate

direct fedback

By participating in the Facebook Forum, agents are able to ask questions of other agents and our experts. They get feedback and support to guide them through the beginning stage of promoting themselves as an agent at KW.

Weekly office hours

Each week, agents will have an opportunity to hear from our experts and other agents about the weekly activities on a LIVE webinar. Agents may also have the opportunity to share their experiences.


Our program is setup to provide your agents with accountability each week. Our progress reports and accountability partner program will encourage agents to stay on track – and make progress toward their first transaction at KW.

8 weeks to RAMP UP

  • 1. Getting Setup

  • 2. Ideal Client

  • 3. Marketing Plan

  • 4. Marketing Campaigns

  • 5. Social Media

  • 6. Farming

  • 7. Listing Presentation

  • 8. Leverage

  • I just want to say how helpful the RAMP UP program has been. I wish this was available when I first started – I was so eager to learn and so eager to get it started but I didn’t know how and where. If this was available for me before I became a Realtor and I was able to set all these things up – it would have given me such a huge head-start. Instead of figuring things out by myself I would have had a straight line of what are the steps that I have to take in order to launch my real estate career the right way. I would highly recommend this course to any new agent.

    Mimi Bond
    Mimi Bond Texas
  • I want to give a big shout out to The Agent School. I am working on refining my skills with RAMP UP. I have a business and marketing background and I did implement the Keller Williams systems and right now what I’m finding is that going back through things like the 8×8 and 33-touch, that I am reminding myself of how I got into production. It was really good for me to go through the DiSC profile again and identify the areas where I’m doing well. It all made sense and it’s really clarifying my marketing strategy overall and really refining it. I think RAMP UP is great for new agents plus agents who have been in production for a while.

    Kristie Bryant
    Kristie Bryant Keller Williams Austin Southwest
  • RAMP UP is a great way to get into action! I have been overwhelmed by all the vast approaches to everything we were taught in Ignite and have been trying to complete the tasks Chad teaches on my own for 2 years. I haven’t even finished doing all the task yet but I now have a process to follow. He guides you through them one at a time an orderly manner and bridges the gap from training to practice! I’d recommend RAMP UP for all new agents!

    Gail Garza
    Gail Garza Keller Williams Austin Southwest
  • What I love about the RAMP UP program is that it takes what you learn in Ignite and helps you apply it and put into practice everything that you’ve learned in Ignite. For me, it feels more like an ACTION PLAN than a marketing plan. These are things that we need to be doing on a daily basis, and things we need to be doing to help build our businesses. Whether it be adding to our databases daily, previewing property, setting up 8×8 or 33-touch [campaigns], branding yourself, hosting an event. All are things we need to be doing to build our businesses. And I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have taken this program and I think you should too!

    Melissa Wile
    Melissa Wile Keller Williams Austin Southwest
Workbook and Success Lists

Workbook and Success Lists

Exercises, worksheets, checklists, forms and more to help agents implement what they learn – available here.

LIVE Office Hours

LIVE Office Hours

Agents get guidance from the professionals, answers to their questions and feedback from other agents to stay on track through the course.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

Agents have a community to connect with and hear from other agents going through the same process to keep them motivated

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Special Leadership Bonus

When you purchase your Market Center membership you will receive lifetime access to our Keller Williams Leadership Collection. Created using the Google Suite of Apps, you’ll be able to masterfully personalize and print awards, certificates, recruiting packages, letterhead, team meeting slideshows and more.


how can we pay for this?

  • Pass on or share the cost with your agents. Either pass the cost on directly, or markup and add to your company dollar.
  • Ask a mortgage or title partner to support your efforts.
  • Pull funds from your Special Funds account.
  • You can make up some of the cost by purchasing the accompanying workbooks at wholesale and reselling them to your agents. The wholesale cost to Market Centers, is $250 per pack of 10 workbooks. Retail on Amazon is $49.

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