A powerful, simple to use daily planner created exclusively for real estate professionals.

Multiple Views

Life vision exercises, annual, monthly and daily views to help you visualize your outcomes and plan for the specific outcomes you want!

Online Course

The Agent Journal features an optional online course that compliments The Agent Journal. Learn to masterĀ  your productivity!

Achieve Your Goals

Use proven systems that empower you to align your day, with your big goals. Show up as the best version of yourself, every day!

Don’t leave the best version of your life up to chance. Plan it!

We’ve updated the look of the 2019 version of The Agent Journal – the inside is still the same but the outside is now more colorful and sturdy! The back features some of Chad’s favorite quotes to help you stay motivated and inspired through every day of the year!

The Productivity Mastery Course was designed to supplement The Agent Journal. In this high-impact course, Chad Peevy will teach you the productivity techniques that will help you make the most of you day-to-day. With a focus on outcomes, Chad will show you how you can live a bigger lifeĀ  – a bigger life for you and the people that matter to you.

Time is truly the great equalizer – we all have the same amount. How we use it – that’s what makes all the difference.

Here are the questions we’ll answer in the Productivity Mastery Course…

  • Am I being productive? Or just busy? In Productivity Mastery you’ll learn the difference.
  • How do my daily activities align with my goals?
  • How does what I’m doing right now help me achieve my next level?
  • How do I set and achieve goals for my personal and professional life?
  • How does managing my time give me an unfair advantage over my competitors?
  • How do I structure my year, month, week and day to create the life I want for me and my family?

And here’s the thing…it’s an easy 5 modules. This isn’t a skill that takes more time, time that you’re already struggling to find more of! This is a straight-forward, no B.S. approach to getting a handle on your time. Invest just a little bit of time to master this skill and you’ll get reap the benefits for the rest of your life. You will thank yourself – your family will thank you. For me – learning to manage my time was the game changer, that’s when I was able to see what I wanted and I was able to create a plan to make it happen – down to the day. Don’t cheat yourself out of an amazing life – get intentional about it, learn how to make the most of your day so that it becomes a reality. You can do this!


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