5 Reasons Why You Should Generate Leads with Webinars

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I love webinars as a lead generation tool. Webinars are the modern version of an open house. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • I think that webinars create incredible leverage for you for two reasons. Number one, if you’re a dual career agent, meaning someone that has a day job and you’re not doing real estate full time just yet, you can have webinars running while you’re at your day job. That makes it possible to lead generate in your real estate business while you’re physically doing your other job. How cool is that?! The second reason is for those who are already active agents: you can have webinars running while you’re showing, while you’re on listing appointments, while you’re doing the nitty gritty of what needs to get done to help your clients. At the same time that you’re doing those things, you can have webinars running that are lead generating for you.
  • Webinars because they help you build a database very, very quickly. If you’re someone new to real estate and you haven’t built a database yet, webinars are an incredible way for you to start building it.
  • I can have multiple webinars running at the same time. For example, I can have one running in neighborhood 1, and another running in neighborhood 2 at the same time, doubling my reach. I could even have another webinar going that’s targeting a particular demographic in my city. Then I’ve got three webinars going all at the same time.
  • Webinars position you as an expert in your community. Real estate transactions are usually the largest transactions that someone will have in the course of their life. It’s their biggest investment. Buyers and sellers need to trust that you are an expert in your field; they need to trust in your ability to do a good job for them. Webinars are an excellent way to do just that. They create an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge around a particular topic.
  • And finally, I love webinars because the metrics are black and white. There’s no doubting how your webinar is performing. It’s easy to point to their effectiveness and it’s easy to tweak very specific things using the webinar metrics.

If you’re ready to make webinars a part of your marketing strategy, be sure to check out our course on webinars: How to use Webinars to Lead Generate.

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